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Created in 2010 , D-Ohmicyd is a french dj and producer (Steven F).
Their inspirations are many and varied , from "mainstream hardcore " to Terror , going to "industrial hardcore" and "frenchcore". influenced by the free party and hardcore party that they traveled being young.
in 2011 they founded "Exode Records & Aurora Mortem Records" with Striker , 
they released "Mechanick Blaster01" who will be their first ep on "Exode Records". they work with many artists , in particular "Imperium Bass (Megarave records)" or "Wars Industry" with which they realized many ep on Exode Records,Violent Disorder Records, aurora mortem records, toxic sickness digital.

In 2014, he won the remix contest Neophyte records "coming at you strong"  

In 2017 they joined Pandemic agency.

Neophyte Records / Exode Records / Darkside Unleashed / Violent Disorder Records /
Aurora Mortem records / Toxic Sickness Digital / Cartel00 Records
Hardcore / Industrial / Terror